Rules of rent

Rules of rent of a vehicle with a driver

Rental rates

Typically, rates for rental of a vehicle with a driver include payment of fuel costs and lubricants resulting from vehicle operation by the Renter, as well as fees for management and technical vehicle operation related to its proper and safe use in accordance with the lease objectives.

Payment terms

The Renter pays 100% of estimated hours of rental vehicles or making an advance payment equal to the minimum rental cost of transport prior to its use.

Upon the expiration of the paid time of car rental customer is obliged to make an additional payment for each subsequent hour of work.

The rental fee depends on the conditions (city, highway, off-road, winter, summer, etc.), distance and time of the vehicle rent by the Renter. The rent charged from the Renter according to the rates for the rental of a vehicle with a driver of the company Navigator – avto. Payment of parking and road tolls made by the Lessee. Payment of costs associated with the provision of adequate food and living conditions of the driver / crew rented vehicle during its operation over 12 hours a feature of Kiev. In addition, payment terms may be stipulated by the treaty for the rental vehicle with the crew.

Minimum age of renter

In some cases, the lessee will be requred to submit proof of identity.

The minimum rental period

Sunday / Thursday – 3 hours (subject to hours of the filing of transport)

Friday / Saturday – 5 hours (subject to hours of the filing of transport)

Duties of driver

To place the car to the customer strictly without delay. Vehicle must be clean (both outside and inside) with the necessary quantity of fuel refueled for order and technically sound.

The driver must observe the traffic rules and speed limits.

Insurance of passengers

Life and Health Insurance of passengers leased vehicle with a driver / crew is on request and at the expense of Renter.


In the case of negligence / willful damage of leased vehicle or property by the Renter – the size of fines imposed on Lessee. The penalty depends on the real value of direct and indirect damage caused to the Lessor.

Smoking and drinking alcohol in their vehicles is strictly prohibited.

The lessee may not demand violation of traffic regulations or speeding.

More information can be found in the Treaty of lease of a vehicle with a driver.


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